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For actual information check training viewpoints sept 2016.

Foto © Maarten Tromp

I am working on how to continue the possibilities for training  Viewpoints (also with Suzuki.) I am trying to organize for december ’16 or januari ’17 to have a full week of training in Suzuki and Viewpoints. Hopefully we can invite a member of the SITI company. So to be continued!



Do you want to know what Suzuki is about? Here’s a video of Suzuki training from the Theatre and Music Academy in Vilinius:click here. !

Past training

All training takes place in Studio 7 in Amsterdam  ~ doors open at 10:00 and we will work until 17:00.

Saturday 31 oktober 2015 : Viewpoints training – Dynamo -Rhythm- how to work with different kind of energies to create a physical tool for your imagination.

For professional actors / theatre makers/ teachers with experience in physical training.   The training is both  Dutch and English spoken.  trainer: Judith Bruynzeels

Sunday 29th of November 2015 Suzuki en Viewpoints;  for professional actors / theatre makers/ teachers with experience in physical training. The training is both  Dutch and English spoken.  Trainer Suzuki: Deborah Black trainer Viewpoints : Judith Bruynzeels

This day we will work with the text Iphigenia ( adaption by Ellen Mc Laughlin) . What often happens is when we have text, we forget what it means to really listen and use the words to add something to the movement.

Saturday 5th of December Suzuki en Viewpoints trainer Suzuki  Arjan Gebraad trainer Viewpoints Judith Bruynzeels This day is open for professional actors / theatre makers/ teachers with experience in physical training. The training is both  Dutch and English spoken. Today we will with ‘how to tell little stories by drawing lines, patterns, work with topography .

ALL PRICES ARE INCLUDING 21 % TAX  26-09 / 31-10/ 29-11 / 05-12

1 day costs  € 75,- / 2 days € 120,- / 3 days € 150,- / 4 days € 180,-

MASTERCLASS Suzuki en Viewpoints  19 en 20 December led  by VPt Rotterdam with these trainers  Arjan Gebraad / Deborah Black   we will dive deeper into the combination Suzuki and Viewpoints training.

costs € 180,- including 21 % tax

Want to get to know or train the basics of Viewpoints?

Basic training day ~ first opportunity: 17 januari 2016 van 10:30 tot 17:00 Hengelo  

costs € 125,-  inc tax and lunch/ drinks.

trainer Viewpoints Judith Bruynzeels

you can apply by sending an email to after your registration you will receive all the required information.


If you still have some questions you can email me for more information :

You can find current and background information  Twitter of JUDKA Facebook

background info:  A brief history of viewpoints.

cover photo: SITI Company

in page  photo JUDKA de Jossen

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